At WizOpt, our frames are crafted keeping in view an ideal Indian face. Majority of our Eyeglass frames come in Medium Size.

You might derive help from the quick & easy ways to find your frame size below -

  1. Picking Size from Current Frames:

Knowing your frame size is easy. Pick your current pair of eye-wear which fits comfortably on your face and looks good on you. Look at the insides of the temples. Look for the set of numbers reflected in this order of measurement e.g. 55-16-145. These typically are the lens width, bridge size and temple (side) length respectively.

  1. Lens Width/ Diameter – This is the maximum horizontal width of each lens in mm (millimetres). It ranges between 40-66mm.
  2. Bridge Width – This is the distance between the two eyeglass lenses in mm (millimetres). It ranges between 12-24mm.
  3. Temple (Side) Length – This is the length from hinges to end of temple (side) tips. It ranges between 110-150mm.
  1. Measuring Frames with Ruler:

There might be a possibility that the measurement on your current frames is faded or is not printed. In this case, you can use a millimeter ruler or a Tailor’s measuring tape to measure the frame yourself. Find size as shown above and place your order for eyeglasses or sunglasses without any trouble.

Our frame sizes

  1. Finding Frame Size by Clothing Size:

Broadly, you can also follow the below chart to find your frame size.

If you wear small-size clothes, eyeglasses with less than or equal to 50mm of lens-width would fit you easily in case of eyeglasses. For sunglasses, a width of 55mm or less should suit you.

People who wear Medium size clothes, should go for eyeglass frames ranging between 51mm to 54mm of lens-width for eyeglasses and 56mm to 64mm for shades.

Similarly, for people who go for large-sized clothings, they must opt for eyeglasses with lens-width or diameter of 55mm or more. In case of sunglasses, this can be 60mm or more.

Eyeglasses Size Chart


50mm or less 51mm-54mm 55mm or more

Sunglasses Size Chart


55mm or less 56mm-64mm 65mm or more

  1. Using Credit Card to Measure Frame Size:

 Still uncertain while finding it hard to get hands on the above tools?

Discover your frame size with your credit or debit card. Interestingly, the standard width of the card can be compared to width of a medium (M) sized frame.

To measure your eyeglass size, place one edge of the card at the centre of your nose and see upto where it ends. If the card ends at the tip of your eyes, a medium sized frame would fit you. If the card width extends the eyes, a small size would be perfect for you. Just in case the card end finishes before your eyes end, you need a (L) large-sized eyeglass frame.